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Here's who I am & what I do

I believe everyone has a story to share, something that has impacted on who they are, what they become and ultimately the choices and decisions they make. In brief being a British born, young independent female with an Indian and African upbringing, life wasn’t without its challenges. Consequently I battled with exploring what my  identity was, feeling accepted for who I am and trying to ‘fit’ into western society. I challenged the ‘status quo’ of what was acceptable and worthy and continue to challenge stereotypes.

Deeply passionate about youth voice, leadership and engaging a younger workforce. I’ve actively supported young people prior to completing university, where I volunteered and campaigned for youth voice in education. In my career, I have worked in very challenging situations. Working with gangs, helping to change and challenge mindsets and explore alternative ways to help them resolve challenges they face. My experience spans across working with public sector organisations, corporate, not-for-profit and educational sectors where I’ve delivered training, coaching, mentoring and counselling sessions. I’ve also supported businesses to engage and empower a young workforce with consultancy and training. I’ve spoken to many audiences for example, conferences, school assemblies and events talking about a variety of topics.

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