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An Open Letter to Myself - 1 Year on

Time is a healer but time is also the most expensive gift you can give someone. Exactly a year ago life became very interesting now by ‘interesting’ I don’t necessarily mean a nice new car, great holidays and a fancy new job no it was something quite the opposite. Unfortunately, I lost my job, got very un-well, was diagnosed with MS and realised that finding a job and getting back on my feet wasn’t quite as easy as I hoped.

Paying my rent, filling my fridge and simply day to day living became hard but I was determined of one thing, I would get myself back up again, on my own.

A year has now passed and I have learned so much about myself, the people around me and a few life lessons and I wanted to share an ‘Open letter to myself one year on…’

Dear Me,

This feels a little weird, like most people I talk to myself, usually whilst driving along the A14 but sharing my thoughts on paper for all to read is something a little different. Whilst most people describe me as chatty and bubbly hiding the tough realities of life is something I became pretty skilled at.

The first thing to say is… well done you made it! A year ago, you didn’t think you would but you have. Here are 10 things you’ve learnt across the year, some are there to serve as reminders for you when life gets tough again, because it will, that’s just how life is and its okay. The others are there as moments and people to celebrate for without them you wouldn’t have had the courage, bravery and strength to have made it to this point. So here it goes…

  1. The power of people is immense. People can make you or break you (if you let them!) For all those who said you’d never make it, well thank you, because that’s what spurred you on and those who told you to keep going and they’d have your back you’re doing this for them too don’t you dare give up.

  2. You do have Resilience or ‘Bouncebackability’ as you prefer to refer to it. You found a way through the setbacks and there’s been plenty of them.

  3. What’s the value in your yes if you never say no! You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.

  4. Even when that one person emails you back saying ‘Unsubscribe’ don’t worry it doesn’t define what you do. Other people do believe in you.

  5. Family and friends are the most important thing, you learn the ones who are authentic and those who aren’t but most of all notice the ones who are genuinely happy for your happiness and those who are sad for your sadness.

  6. It’s okay to take a day off and not feel guilty for it! Sometimes dipping your toe in the sea and having chips on the sea front with no phone by your side apart from taking that picture for Instagram is completely okay.

  7. Having MS does not define your future.

  8. You have developed the ability to have actual patience, things take time sometimes and if it hasn’t happened here and now it doesn’t mean it’s all over.

  9. You have ambition and aspiration. Some say you dream too big. Just know that with hard work, ambition and belief those big dreams can also become a reality.

  10. Hope, this gets you through every day. Don’t lose it!

From Me, one year on.

Until next time…

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