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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

So this blog post is one that I’ve procrastinated for, well quite simply, for ages…! I’ve contemplated what to say, or not say and then luckily for me I have a wonderful friend who is also my housemate who quite simply and bluntly told me to ‘Get on with it!’ well it’s quite hard to argue with that or run away from because well where do I go?!

Well the first thing I would like to share with you is that I am so inspired by those around me who have run races, marathons amongst a range of other sporty things. I’ve supported them and been in awe of them but never quite got up and done it myself well now I am. You may be wondering why and I’ll get there. When I first decided to do a run I bought all the kit (the most colour I could find) and I figured since I have the kit there was no turning back now!

I’ve always shared and shouted about how you shouldn’t shy away from things that scare you, bring you out of your comfort zone or things you simply just don’t like and I can safely say for the best part of it I live up to that quite well; for example I used to be petrified of dogs and now well I love them and if you’ve met Claude (my most favourite dog ever!) and the first dog that got me over my fear then you will know why I love them so much now. They’ve proven to be great therapy and they listen to all my ramblings.

So back to my original point…the race. On the 23rd September, I will be taking part in the Boudvida 10k Windsor race. Now I know 10k is not very long for lots of people some do that daily however it is a big deal for me. I’m doing it because I want to raise awareness and funds for the MS Society. Why?

I have it. Yes me. There I said it. Out loud.

To me it is a diagnosis, that’s all it is. That’s not denial by any means. Someone said to me when I first got the diagnosis that resonated deeply and still does. ‘You may have MS but it does not have you.’ This couldn’t be truer for me. If you look at me, you would never know. I’m still me. Of course, who knows what life holds but that’s true for any of us. I’ve always been hugely reluctant to share this well quite simply I didn’t want to be viewed any differently, my ability to do my job doesn’t change, my personality doesn’t change, the things I am passionate about don’t change. This post for me is one of my bravest.

I have set up a just giving page if anyone would like to support me but if not that really is okay. A simple share on your Facebook, Twitter or Website would mean a lot to me.

Just a quick special mention to Bethan Claydon who has agreed to support me and run alongside me.

MS Society say… Over 100,000 of us in the UK have MS. It’s unpredictable and different for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re the MS Society. We understand what life’s like with MS. We’re here for you through the highs, lows and everything in between. Together, we are strong enough to stop MS.

Until next time…

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