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Facing the Fear

We all have fears, things that scare us, make our heart race and give us that fight or flight feeling. Being in that panic zone is not quite as simple as saying ‘Just do it there is nothing to worry about.’ You have to find ways that help you work through the intense feeling of fear and panic and people around you can be a huge help with that. Not being afraid to share your story, share the worry and realise that you are not alone.

I did exactly that. The result of doing so was a magnitude of feelings of excitement, anxiety but more than anything sheer determination. In my previous blog post ‘Get on with it’ I share more about my story but I also set myself a challenge to run my first ever 10k race and in doing so to raise awareness and funds for the MS Society. I am proud (and somewhat relieved) to say I did it! And you can watch my whole journey below.

Until next time…

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