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Happy 1st Birthday Power to Be

Today I am celebrating the fact that it has officially been one whole year since Power to Be was launched. I made the decision to do so after being made redundant and being diagnosed with MS. It was time to start making the dream a reality. No more What if’s and if only’s.

There were a number of people who told me not to, said I would fail, and reminded me that approximately 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. I knew I did not want to be part of that 20% statistic, frankly I didn’t want to fit into any box. I wanted to be unapologetically ME!

There was lots of reasons for why it shouldn’t work; budget cuts in schools, finances tight for lots of organisations and families, I’m rubbish with spreadsheets (my accountant didn’t appreciate my Tupperware of receipts!) the list could go on BUT even with those challenges I knew 2 key things:

  1. I had the passion, I’ve always wanted to make a difference and quitting isn’t an option.

  2. Hard work and support is everything. Nothing is given to you on a plate. You have to earn it. Simple!

Over the last year I have delivered training to Adults and Young People, in Resilience, British Values, Healthy Relationships, Aspirations, Growth Mindset, Exam Preparation/Motivation, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Youth Leadership & Voice, Transition and Victim Vulnerabilities.

I’ve delivered speaking events at conferences on Women in Leadership, presented awards, spoken at many schools & colleges about British Values, Racism, Bullying and sharing my own personal story. I’ve also had the privilege to be on the governing body at Risdene Academy.

Whilst numbers aren’t my strength (talking comes far more naturally to me!) with some help I have collated the numbers of people I’ve had the honour of working with in the last year.

Whilst those numbers show growth, none of it would be possible without the people who have supported me, believed in me, championed me and more importantly accepted me exactly as I am. There are a few key people who I want to take the time to thank, for without them, this post would never be a reality for you all to read.

Emily Claydon: My biggest support and drive – My numbers, tech and marketing guru.

Ann – Marie Lawson: Executive Director at Northamptonshire Emergency Service Cadets – For her loyalty, belief, advice and always keeping to her word. One of my biggest inspirations.

Angela Pratt and Liz Abel: Former Headteacher’s at Thorplands Primary – They put up with my chats, rants and big ideas. It’s always felt like they have my back even when they are not there.

Mel Smith: Northampton ESCO- Always at the end of emails, helping me to reach the right people and championing Power to Be at meetings, conversations and always gives me hope to keep moving forward.

Gurjit Virk: Headteacher at Bozeat Primary School- I remember ringing Gurjit a year ago looking for a voice of reassurance and I got it. That was all I needed and something I will never forget.

A huge thank you to all my Counselling & CBT clients and families for giving me your trust, belief and support. I won’t let you down.

To all the schools, staff and organisations who have trusted me enough to work with them, I will always work hard, prove myself and forever be grateful.

There will always be people who tell you that you won’t make it, life will always have its challenges and not everyone will like you. It is okay! Remain true to your values, be honest and above all be kind. People need people, it’s what gets us through, business is no different.

Someone once told me in order to make this work I would have to be ruthless and harsh. I couldn’t disagree more.

Be kind, work hard and be unapologetically you.

Happy 1st Birthday Power to Be.

Until Next time…

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