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True to ME

There are many words and phrases that have been used to describe me over the years, some are kind, some not so much. But there have been a few consistent words, comments and phrases which have stuck and well quite frankly, they’re true. I now have a rule with myself which means I say what I think others will say about me before they get the chance. The one I hear daily and if not multiple times a day when I meet people is ‘Wow you’re so short’ now I hate this so much! Yes, I do!! I often smile softy and reply ‘yes, but I prefer to use the word petite’ although sometimes what I’m thinking and really want to say is ‘well, never…!’

You may be wondering what the point is in me telling you this… For many years, I tried to hide the very things that made me who I am. Whether that was the way I looked, my background, my strengths or my challenges. I worried about people’s opinions, the unspoken and whether I simply would be successful or not. To say now, I don’t care what others think would be an absolute lie but the way I think about myself has completely changed.

We all have a story, I’m no different. Our stories are there to inspire people, find commonalities and give hope. I have been honoured to be invited to many schools, conferences and businesses to share my story, my journey and who and why I am the person I am today, still petite, still chatty and still loving everything yellow.

A few months ago, I was made redundant from a job I loved, an organisation I love, people who became my family. I went through every emotion I could muster, fear engulfed me as I panicked for how I would pay my bills, fill my fridge and drive my car. All the basic day to day things that we all must think about, my confidence took a knock as I worried that absolutely no one would employ me but one thing remained the same, I knew in my heart I loved people. I loved working with young people, adults, schools, organisations, businesses and I didn’t want that to change. Now I would love to tell you I had job offers flying in but no, that did not happen, no fairy tale happy ending, I had rejections, knock backs and sometimes no one even came back to me after spending hours on thinking I had written the perfect application form. I did however eventually find a job and 3 days in I realised I wasn’t doing what I loved and the risk of not leaving was greater than if I did.

It was then that I had my own words come back to me, I talk a lot about stepping out your comfort zone, your mindset and realised it was time I lived the words I spoke so passionately about. That is when ‘Power to Be’ was born. There is still no fairy tale happy ending, its hard work, it’s taken resilience, tenacity and a lot of motivation and I had 2 sides of people, some who said I shouldn’t leave my job and the others who said take the risk and make it work. I listened to the advice that felt true to me.

I always say I am so thankful to those who have supported me and those who haven’t because both had pushed me forward. There are so many people who without them quite simply I wouldn’t be writing this post, they’ve helped me in different ways and I am truly grateful. I won’t write a list but there is a few who I want to say a special thank you to….

Until next time…

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